Thursday, April 20, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 85: Just a man with a man's courage

Panels from King: Flash Gordon #3 (April 2015), script by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, pencils by Lee Ferguson, inks by Lee Ferguson and Marc Deering, colors by Omi Remalante, letters by Simon Bowland

365 Days of Defiance, Day 84: Escape from the Planet of the Ape-kolips

Darkseid is...being a complete jerk towards Scott Free. That's Mister Miracle if you're nasty.

Panels from Mister Miracle (1971 series) #9 (July-August 1972), script and pencils by Jack Kirby, inks and letters by Mike Royer

You guys know I love Kirby. One of the many things I love about his work (along with the power, the wonder, the craziness, the boldness, and the quotation marks) is his themes of resistance against power and evil. Think of Kirby's Thing (too stubborn to lay down and take a beating) or Thor (he says thee NAY!) and their bombastic displays of defiance and resistance against the unbeatable foe. In Scott Free Kirby combines the resistance with escape in the saga of the ultimate escape artist: there is no trap, no disaster, no threat that Scott cannot get out of, defying nature, physics, and story logic. He's not running away: he'll be back.

For my money, this is Kirby's version of one of my favorite scenes from the movies: Artoo Detoo finally kicking the Millennium Falcon into hyperdrive just as the Empire is ready to capture the rebels...and the grim visage of Vader on the bridge as they do so.

Panels from Star Wars (1977 series) #44 (February 1981), script by Archie Goodwin, pencils and inks by Al Williamson and Carlos Garzon, colors by Glynis Wein, letters by Rick Veitch

Like Luke Skywalker, it's not the end of Scott's story. The fight is just beginning.

365 Days of Defiance, Day 83: And if one man could stand tall / There would be some hope for us all / Somewhere in the spirit of man

Panels from Amazing Adventures [featuring War of the Worlds] (1970 series) #19 (July 1973), script by Gerry Conway, pencils by Howard Chaykin, inks by Frank McLaughlin, colors by Petra Goldberg, letters by John Costanza

365 Days of Defiance, Day 82: I'm pretty sure Mandrake is talking about saving PBS from threatened government budget cuts, so please pledge generously today and you can receive this beautiful tote bag

Panels from King: Mandrake the Magician #1 (February 2015); script by Roger Langridge; pencils, inks, and colors by Jeremy Treece; letters by Marshall Dillon

365 Days of Defiance, Day 81: Look, up in the sky

In an age of talking heads

Yes, yes, thank you David, but what I meant was the talking heads on our TV telling us all the hourly doom 'n' gloom at that there's no hope. Well, we need to take a lesson from Lana Lang of the future uture uture and look to the grimy, polluted skies! There we will find a man who will help us fight back, a man who we can look toward in our struggle to resist!

Panels from Batman: The Dark Knight (1986 series) #2 (March 1986), script and pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Klaus Janson, colors by Lynn Varley, letters by John Costanza

Also, there's Robin, the Girl Wonder. Yay!

365 Days of Defiance, Day 80: He'll be there for you

There's no need to fear. Superman is always here!

Panels from All Star Superman #1 (January 2006), script by Grant Morrison, pencils by Frank Quitely, inks and colors by Jamie Grant, letters by Phil Balsman

365 Days of Defiance, Day 79: To Me, My Earth-X Men

The Justice Society of America! Strange visitors from another world (Earth-2, to be precise)! Hey, since they came first, why is their world Earth Two? If'n I were the Original Flash and the Original Green Lantern and the Original Superman, I'd have a thing or two to say about that. Anyway: they're fightin' Nazis! Which is always a good thing, as Earth-2 Martha Stewart told you first.

Panels from Justice League of America (1960 series) #107 (September-October 1973), script by Len Wein, pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Dick Giordano, colors by Glynis Wein, letters by Ben Oda

All is darkest before the dawn (and also because my scans didn't turn out as bright as I'd hoped on those last panels), but luckily the JSA is accompanied by their Earth-1 non-union equivalents, the Justice League of America! Er, at least, Green Arrow, Elongated Man, and...Red Tornado, not even actually yet a member of the League. Oh man. They're boned.

Hooray! It's the Nazi-bustin' heroes of Earth-X! The Earth where no one under the age of eighteen will be admitted, cos' it's kinda saucy. It's...Amerihat! Gnat Boy! Cling-Film Woman! Captain Rhinoceros! Designed-By-Mike-Grell-Costume Kid! And Poppin-Fresh! They are the Freedom Fighters!

I kid the Freedom Fighters, but they punch Nazis, so they're okay by me. You go, FF!